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A couple months after my wife died, I sold our house in Farmington and bought the horse pasture you see behind us in the first photo (March 1993). The only thing on the property was the shed in the background which needed a new roof and paint job. Although I knew there was going to be a lot of work involved, I discovered that I actually enjoyed it!



More landscaping has been done since these pictures were taken, but they will give you a general idea what I've been doing. It is a project that I will most likely never finish. Heraclitus stated that everything is in a continuous state of change - I think if he saw my yard, his feelings would be reinforced.



I put in a pond (complete with a "beach") and planted lots of trees, grass, roses and other things. The pond is stocked with trophy sized Rainbow and German Brown trout. Going fishing is no problem! We presently have four swans, six Canada geese, and several wild ducks.