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 Blue Winged Teals

 Green Winged Teal

 Cinnamon Teal
 Fulvous Tree Ducks
 Mandarin Drake
 Male Wood Duck

 Shown here are just six of the thirty varieties of ducks we sell.

With such a selection, there is bound to be at least one breed that suits your fancy.

While it is difficult to tell the sex of swans and geese at a glance, adult ducks present no problem. The males (drakes) are more colorful than the females. This is so the female can stay camoflaged while nesting.

Two of the most ornamental ducks in the world are the North American Wood Ducks and the Mandarins which are native to Asia.

They are probably the most popular breeds for those that are just beginning to acquire a collection.

Please consult our price page for a listing of all of our other breeds.