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The Ultimate Super Spice is a quality seasoning for use on all types of foods. It is the perfect accompaniment, for both home and restaurant use. 


The Ultimate Super Spice on display at a Las Vegas Trade Fair

Produced and bottled in Farmington, New Mexico, this seasoning salt is a unique blend of several different herbs and spices. It is made according to an old German recipe which is now a closely kept secret. 

As this product is a seasoning salt, it may not be suitable for those on sodium restricted diets. Some of the ingredients do include the following: Salt, Parsley, Curry, Celery Salt, Garlic Powder, and Cornstarch.

The Ultimate Super Spice caters to those who enjoy flavor in their food. It can transform a ho-hum meal into a memorable event! Why not order a bottle (or two) right now?